1. The Bill of Rights: History and Overview, Part 1

    Here in America, we have a proud and storied history. As a Reading family, labor law, and criminal defense lawyer, we are no strangers to the history of America's legal system. One of the most iconic parts of that system is the Bill of Rights. Many countries had them before the United States, and in…Read More

  2. History of the Most Wanted List

    Here at Dutko Law, we provide criminal defense services in Reading and the surrounding areas. Having been a criminal defense lawyer for years, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help with all kinds of felony and misdemeanor cases. But here, just for entertainment purposes, we thought …Read More

  3. Traffic Stops: Know Your Rights

    America has a proud tradition of justice and equality, and we have come a long way in our short history. However, we also still have a long way to go in many regards. Our country uses what is called an adversarial system, where guilt is determined by an impartial judge who weighs the arguments of ea…Read More