1. Courtroom Etiquette

    Raymond Babbitt never missed an episode of People’s Court, and we know you wish you could say the same. What better way to spend the long, hot days of summer then watching court programs for hours through those endless afternoons? We can’t think of one. If you (or someone you know) is an avid wa…Read More

  2. Punishments for Crimes Throughout History

    Are you aware that both violent and property crime has been steadily declining for decades? It may not seem like it, at least if you watch the news, but it has never been safer to live in America. Part of that is due to our legal system, an adversarial system that makes sure everybody has an avenue …Read More

  3. American Legal Terms Defined, Part 2

    Stare Decises, Amicus Curae, what, are lawyers speaking another language? Yes, actually, Latin is very prevalent in law just like it is in scientific nomenclature. But even people fluent in Latin (a dead language) have a hard time understanding lawyers a lot of the time. That's because law could be …Read More

  4. Tips for Handling a Divorce Dispute

    Here at Dutko Law, we help people who need Family Attorney services in Kutztown and the surrounding areas. One of the services we offer in this capacity is that of a divorce lawyer. Divorce is a troubling time for everyone involved. When you hire us, we are committed to helping you through the proce…Read More