Attorney in Reading, PA

Looking for a lawyer in Reading, PA? Dutko Law is here to help represent you in court. When in a situation where your presence in court is necessary, you want someone on your side that is trusted and confident. More so, you want representation from an attorney that knows the processes of the court and the law. Charles Dutko has years of experience as an attorney in the state of Pennsylvania. With a full understanding of the law, as well as the unique process of the state of Pennsylvania, Dutko is more than prepared to handle your case.

Dutko Law handles cases such as:

  • DUI Defense
  • Child Custody
  • Divorce Attorney
  • Civil Defense
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Criminal Defense

Though these services are listed, Dutko Law is also equipped to handle other cases as well, such as pardons and complex discrimination cases. Whatever the case may be, Dutko Law has well-trained lawyers that may be able to represent you in court.